As some of you may know, I live in North Alabama, USA. As more of you may know, yesterday, 27 April 2011, North Alabama, as well as the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas, was hit by three waves of extremely intense tornadic storms that generated 128 tornados. Huntsville, my hometown and where I was located, had 28 form and/or touch down in its limits, and Birmingham and Tuscaloosa were hit by tornados that I heard were classified as EF5 tornados. Parts of the cities and U of Alabama are now flattened and utterly destroyed. The death toll for the storm system has, just today, risen to over 200 in Alabama alone. The storm system has crossed into Georgia and is expected to hit the Carolinas as well, at least from what I have been able to learn.

Huntsville and the rest of Madison County, as well as most of the Tennessee Valley, is completely without power. The main line that feeds Madison County, which then feeds power to other areas, was damaged and disconnected, and the nuclear power plant it connected to ran its automatic shutdown process because of the disconnect (which is exactly what it was supposed to do).  The hospitals are running on generators, as is the Huntsville Airport. The TVA and Alabama Power companies have cited that it will be 2 to 3 days just to get the hospitals and utility plants back on-line, but the focus will then trickle down to businesses and then homes around the area.

I may sound like every one else in this, but I am begging you to help out in any way you can. Prayers, spells, energy, supplies, money, blood, and time are all appreciated. Volunteers are supposed to be tasked with assignments tomorrow. I managed to get out of the area and back to my fiancé’s house with my little brother in tow, and our parents are in Florida for the final shuttle launch, so we are all safe, as is all of my family in the area, but there are so many more that will need help. There are trees that have fallen over or have been broken in half, downed power lines, displaced and homeless families with no way to contact their relatives, and places like Cullman that have had the water shut off because of the damage to water systems. Please, please help.

I know that Nyx was watching over me and mine last night. We had just enough power from a battery backup unit and operational phone lines that we could access the internet video feed from the local weather and Facebook long enough to hear that the threat had cleared Huntsville before it died. I had some cell service to call my parents and my aunt that has power in Athens, AL, and time to figure out a plan. My house is undamaged, I had two cars full of gas and one with a functioning radio. I had somewhere to go and a way to get there. I am very grateful for it.

Please, keep us all in your prayers.

Darkest Blessings of peace and healing to all,
Mystère de la Nuit