Hello and welcome to my first blog. ^.^ 

Before I get started, I feel that I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't mention a problem that faces the Pagan community today: religious symbol discrimination. Check out these links about the story of Sky Holeman, a Wiccan high school student who had her pentacle necklaces confiscated and never returned to her, and who was supended for wearing pentacles drawn in makeup on her face on Mabon, despite the fact that Christian students had no limitations on their display of their religious symbol. 



(Brownie points for you if you can find me news articles.)

This is just wrong, and it irks me. The Facebook post is an event page that you can sign up with if you want to participate in this year's protest. I'm doing it!

Anyway, let's get back to business. Introductions!

I'm Mystere de la Nuit (you can call me Myst or Mystere, if you like), and I'm a Nocturnal Pagan. I'm generally eclectic, my rituals often follow a Wiccan mode, but I don't adhere to the many limiting teachings. I'm usually pretty quiet about my personal beliefs, but I'll be willing to put them up on here when they're relevant to whatever I'm talking about. "Mystere" is my magickal name, or the name I use in ritual and in the community, as well as my online name. Along with my mild involement in the Pagan community, I'm also a member of the vampyre community. Yes. I'm a vampyre. Get over it, we're not evil, and I don't drain people. I'm a sexual psionic vampyre, meaning that I feed from sexual energy, which I get donated by my fiance. I don't drink blood, but some of us do. No, I won't Turn you because it can't be done. If you have intelligent questions, I'll answer them, but don't ask me the obvious, and please do your research before asking me simple questions. I'm just going to get irritated. I'll post some links to good sites, and warn against the bad ones. 

 Though this blog does focus on my magickal and religious leanings and opinions, I'm not all-Witch all the time! In my mundane life, I'm a graphic design major in college, I'm from the Southern U.S., I'm an artist, a singer, a bit of a writer, and I love to cook. 

For now, I think that's enough. You'll get to know me and all my friends pretty well over time, and get my opinions on things that are important to me. 

Feel free to comment, ask questions, and suggest topics. If you find happenings in the Pagan, vampyre, or other sundry occult communities, please comment or email with links! I'd love to learn more about my communities, and spread the news for you. 

Darkest blessings,
Mystere de la Nuit